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Monday, May 5, 2008


Welcome to my latest blogging attempt. The last 2 were rather unsuccessful (so far) yet I hope to make this a much more exciting and up-to-date vehicle for interesting thoughts, links and writings.

My first was (is ... we'll see) a blog about my training for the marathon, but my training is so spotty that it just seems like an awful waste of time unless I regulate the training more consistently.

My 2nd was going to chronicle the attempts to 'cure' our dog of cancer. We were headed down the right track with our beloved Brandi, but she took a sudden, devastating turn for the worse and after we put her down I was too monumentally depressed to consider writing about that anymore. Especially after we initially deemed our attempts a failure postmortem. In retrospect, those last 6 months were awesome and she lived like she wasn't sick at all until her final 2 weeks with us. She has inspired me to live like that and I hope to reflect that energy here...