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Thursday, May 10, 2012

One goal down for 2012! Run for the Wild

A little late to post this but my April goal of running a 5K is a success! I ran the WCS Run for the Wild at the Bronx Zoo on April 28th. Official time 31:49 which is close enough to a 10-minute mile for me considering I didn't do the complete C25K training (2 weeks in and I had debilitating shin splints - compression socks really work)!

I would like to thank my many sponsors for helping me raise over $300 for the lions and the Wildlife Conservation Society!
My mom and step-dad
Alison W.
Jay P.
Marie M.
Peter W.
Kelly P.
Christina M.
Jodi L.
Lisa N.
Shawn M.

Update #1:    I would also like to thank Frankie and Nikki - who also ran as part of our team but in the 1st race, not the family fun run & walk portion that Jason and I ran so we could hang out with Lisa & Fred (thanks to them as well for introducing me to street clams)!

Update #2: I am now challenging Nikki for fastest time in next year's run since she is a smartass and owes me pictures to update this blog!

Sights of pre & post race fun in and around the zoo and Arthur Avenue:
Happy to be there!
My partner in various crimes and best friend for over 25 years!
My little brother made us a sign!
My little brother and best cheerleader! FYI - He's been playing football almost every weekend for the past 15 years!
Course map. Duh!

Thankfully running for him, not from him!
Show off!
I see what you did there!
Obligatory pink flamingo photo...
Basking in the sun and attention!

Lisa & Fred in front of the best street clams and oysters ever!

The firing up of the spoils!

Well-deserved post-run refreshment!
Cheers to us! We all did it!
Finally dessert!

FDNY I salute you!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hopes, wishes and encouragement for Kayla

Our puppy girl is getting surgery today to have a mass removed. Let's send out some positive thoughts to her and hope it's benign! She is terrified of the vet hospital I dropped her at this morning so it was more than just a little heartbreaking to watch her go through that door. On the positive side, ultrasound indicates nothing has spread to the lymph nodes and she's gonna look pretty funny when she gets home. Baboon butt! You'll see...

Monday, March 26, 2012

Dude in memoriam

So I found these pictures awhile back. I've been meaning to post them for awhile and I have to burn them to disk for Lisa as I promised then. 

I still can't believe Dude isn't here. Even after 2 years it still feels surreal to imagine this world without George Nault. But I remember the good times and cling to those...and hopefully...I honor his memory in doing so. Here is the last time I was in VT w/Dude. My wish is this brings a smile to your face as it does for me.

view of Okemo(ish) from the love shack

Lillie, Lisa & Kayla chillin'

Dude doing Dude stuff

Fletch doing Fletch stuff


Doing it right at Long Trail Brewery

Happy X-moose!
Enjoying the scenery on the Long Trail deck

After awhile, Dude got tired of the camera as he often did...

Had to add one of the lovely photographer!

Here comes the snow!

Obviously time to go!

Back at the shack w/happy puppies!

We love you Lillie & Dude!