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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tomorrow I leave all this behind...

Here is my farewell email to my mates in the cubicle jungle:
As most of you are aware, tomorrow is my last day with redacted. I leave with a certain amount of excitement as I continue down my career path and a great deal of fondness for all of you. I’m not as witty as some or long-winded as others but here goes, brevity be damned: I really enjoyed my time here. I learned tons - thanks to redacted for laying the VMWare knowledge & duties on me (but I curse you for the Windows stuff). Trust me when I tell you this is fantastic for a middle-aged dude who’s donated more than his fair share of brain cells to youthful debauchery. Redacted and redacted allowed me the latitude to grow as an employee as well as to make decisions to help us move forward. I feel like I’m leaving behind a good framework for the pieces I managed and built, hopefully the next guy will see that too. I met many wonderful people as well as some not-so-wonderful (I started the same day as redacted – ‘nuff said) and as usual, made great friends along the way as well as reconnecting with some old ones. It certainly helps to know people when you start somewhere and I was quickly made to feel at home. I guess swearing like a trucker has its place after all – screw compliance! I wish you all the best of luck in your future endeavors, both personal and professional. Please keep in touch.

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