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Friday, January 13, 2012

Keep the lasagna flying

Since I can't get my shit together and write about all the other things I want to because of my own laziness in fixing a simple home PC issue, I'd like to tell you all about something very near and dear to me...

 As sombunall of you may or may not know, boingboing has been running RAW week on their site and there are some fantastic articles, videos, quotes & more so far, located here:

image blatantly stolen from his website...

I've been a huge fan of RAW since the late 80's of the last century when a college friend turned me on to their dog-eared copy of The Illuminatus! Trilogy and like so many others, my mind opened a bit more. When I got to Cosmic Trigger I never turned back and I've been enjoying the journey ever so much more because of it. I liken RAW to the Grateful Dead in that he opened my mind to much more information than I was being fed in school as the Dead opened up music in much the same way beyond that which the radio fed me. 

Some years later, I had the pleasure of meeting Uncle Bob once outside of St. John the Divine in NYC during the 2001 Prophets Conference. He played his part as satiric old crank as I played mine of doe-eyed disciple (which I'm sure he abhorred). I wish I could say I wasn't more than dumbstruck, but I can't and barely managed a few platitudes and a successful autograph request. What I can say is he was polite, funny and eased my mind  by asking me to complete a simple task for him even though he was obviously looking for a few moments away from idiots like me. As I look back now I see he was saying "Think for yourself, schmuck!" without being rude...

Even later still I stumbled across the Maybe Logic Academy where I met a great group of people much more talented than myself where I took some online classes and helped to publish a dead tree edition of  the Maybe Logic Quarterly, online editions of which you can find at the great blog Only Maybe.

Please take the time to check out boingboing and all the other tributes to Uncle Bob as they're infinitely more in-depth, interesting, erudite & illuminating. 


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Cleveland Okie (Tom Jackson) said...

I like this tribute just as much as the ones I've been reading at BOING BOING.