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Monday, March 26, 2012

Dude in memoriam

So I found these pictures awhile back. I've been meaning to post them for awhile and I have to burn them to disk for Lisa as I promised then. 

I still can't believe Dude isn't here. Even after 2 years it still feels surreal to imagine this world without George Nault. But I remember the good times and cling to those...and hopefully...I honor his memory in doing so. Here is the last time I was in VT w/Dude. My wish is this brings a smile to your face as it does for me.

view of Okemo(ish) from the love shack

Lillie, Lisa & Kayla chillin'

Dude doing Dude stuff

Fletch doing Fletch stuff


Doing it right at Long Trail Brewery

Happy X-moose!
Enjoying the scenery on the Long Trail deck

After awhile, Dude got tired of the camera as he often did...

Had to add one of the lovely photographer!

Here comes the snow!

Obviously time to go!

Back at the shack w/happy puppies!

We love you Lillie & Dude!


Dar said...

GREAT pictures, Chris and Shannon. Thank you. They really capture your weekend hangin out with the buds, making memories. Thankfully, there were so many, many good memories - a gift to us all. We really lucked out. Love you all. Dar

Mrs. Dude said...

Thanks Chris for doing this! These are awesome. I LOVE looking at new pictures and as always the good times.

Mont said...

Thanks for sharing Chris. It looks like a fun weekend back when everything seemed so normal. I miss those days.