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Thursday, May 10, 2012

One goal down for 2012! Run for the Wild

A little late to post this but my April goal of running a 5K is a success! I ran the WCS Run for the Wild at the Bronx Zoo on April 28th. Official time 31:49 which is close enough to a 10-minute mile for me considering I didn't do the complete C25K training (2 weeks in and I had debilitating shin splints - compression socks really work)!

I would like to thank my many sponsors for helping me raise over $300 for the lions and the Wildlife Conservation Society!
My mom and step-dad
Alison W.
Jay P.
Marie M.
Peter W.
Kelly P.
Christina M.
Jodi L.
Lisa N.
Shawn M.

Update #1:    I would also like to thank Frankie and Nikki - who also ran as part of our team but in the 1st race, not the family fun run & walk portion that Jason and I ran so we could hang out with Lisa & Fred (thanks to them as well for introducing me to street clams)!

Update #2: I am now challenging Nikki for fastest time in next year's run since she is a smartass and owes me pictures to update this blog!

Sights of pre & post race fun in and around the zoo and Arthur Avenue:
Happy to be there!
My partner in various crimes and best friend for over 25 years!
My little brother made us a sign!
My little brother and best cheerleader! FYI - He's been playing football almost every weekend for the past 15 years!
Course map. Duh!

Thankfully running for him, not from him!
Show off!
I see what you did there!
Obligatory pink flamingo photo...
Basking in the sun and attention!

Lisa & Fred in front of the best street clams and oysters ever!

The firing up of the spoils!

Well-deserved post-run refreshment!
Cheers to us! We all did it!
Finally dessert!

FDNY I salute you!

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